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50/50 Ticket Sales  
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Vern Anderson  
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50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $1834.00 Today's Collection: $84.00 Ending Balance: $ 1918.00. Ron Prazmark pulled the 10 of spades and donated it back to the club.
Anne Harvey, an Attorney from Australia was today's speaker. Anne was sponsored as an Inbound Exchange Student by our Club in 1970. She is visiting Buffalo to attend the 45th School Reunion of the 1970 Class in Amherst CHS. It is also the 85th Anniversary of Amherst High School's Opening. Anne spoke about her experiences as a rotary youth exchange student coming to America from Australia.  The trip through memory lane and the emotional journey she had living with the hosting families had the audience riveted. She shared some of the experiences during 1960's and 1970's as seen through the eyes of a young student coming to America from Australia and reminisced about the relationships developed as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
Ana Belloso a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Spain gave a short synopsis of her experiences about her first visit as part of our clubs youth exchange student 3 years ago.
Announcements and other Business:
  • Roger requested all club members to bring in calendars for our speaker on August 21. The speaker will be from Peace Prints who help prisoners resume their lives in communities and provide re-entry services.
  • Vern shared the flag sent to our club by a visiting rotarian from Keuruu, Finland
  • There were several happy, missed pins, name tags and phone ringing fines.
  • Ed gave an update on the rotary park cleanup for the upcoming events at the park.
  • Gary encouraged all club members to attend the meeting on August 3rd when the district governor will be visiting our club.
The meeting concluded at 7:40 p.m.
Next Week's Speaker: Greg Berwick will give his classification talk.
We Missed You: Ronald Axelrod, Kathy Behan, , Mary Biddle-Wildman, Mike Burns, Joseph Catherine, John Crawford, Kevin Flint, Tim Henderson, Bob Klien, Carrie Leed, Bruce Lucsok, Norman Mattar, Mike Prinzbach, Ed Rath, Jim Rumsey.