Roger Gross introduced our speaker, Dr. Edwin Clausen who is the incoming President for Damen College on Main St in Snyder.  Damen is a small school (3,000 students) with huge ideas and ideals.  Over 96% of each graduating class find positions in their chosen careers.  There aren't too many colleges that can make a boast like that.  Dr. Clausen stated that Americans are losing their creative edge in the world, and it's up to schools like Damen to try to revive the creativity in our country.  Studies such as their entrepenurial studies, their new animation center, and their new virtual language project are just some ways they are enticing creativity in their students.


Dr. Clausen stated that many students are going to other countries, including China to obtain their undergrad degrees for economic reasons.  China offers many schools to American students where they teach in English.  Western New York alone has suffered a 17% decline in college age students.  The national average is a 9% decline, so we're slipping in WNY.  Another startling fact is that in America today, 54% of new college students use English as a second language.

Damen has always been on the low side of tuition increases, and 95% of their students work 20 hours or more per week.  The college is looking into 3 year fully accredited degrees in business and accounting in order to help keep tuition costs down.  They are also looking into 4-5 year Masters programs.