President Vicki D'Angelo with speaker Karen Eckert

Karen Eckert is the wife of Rotarian Mike Procknal. She is also the sister of Beverly Eckert who was killed in the Flight 3407 crash in Clarence and whose husband was killed on 9/11. Karen has spent much time traveling back and forth to Washington lobbying for stricter airline safety and better pilot training. Karen has been an advocate for increased airline safety since the crash of flight 3407 Karen worked for the government in various capacities in border protection and security for 37 years, and in that time has travelled extensively all over the world. Karen recently retired from the Homeland Security Department. She has always been concerned with terrorism, but never about the safety of airlines since she thought that the FAA had a good handle on that.  Now, after 3407 she has a different viewpoint.  Having attended many hearings on 3407, she feels the FAA and airline industry are not as safe as it should be, especially where regional airlines are concerned.  Regionals carry the same name as the majors, but in fact are sub-contractors.