Lisa Miller and Vicki Durfee of Full Circle Home.


Full Circle Home is a program that quite frankly should involve everyone in the country.  It was started in 2006 by Vickie Durfee and Lisa Miller when their sons were shipped off to war overseas.  Simply put, they purchase, package, and wrap 12 gifts for the wives, fiances', or girlfriends of those serving in the war zones overseas as Christmas gifts (12 Days of Christmas).  Also included is a handwitten note from the serviceman.  They handed out booklets to us of letters received from the servicemen and wives which in all honesty you cannot read without choking up.  The love and caring and sentiment that goes into these packages are exactly what a wife/mother needs as they are spending the holidays alone while their brave servicemen are facing dangers every single day.

These  gifts are packaged by hand and sent all over the country.  Servicemen find out about the program through flyers sent overseas, and by word of mouth from their fellow servicemen.  The wives etc. are considered the "quiet heroes'" because they must stay at home, and attend to all of the things that keep a household running, without the assistance from their mates.

These wonderful ladies make absolutely nothing for their efforts, except for the knowledge that they have made a difference in the struggling lives of both the husbands and wives who are going through a very lonely and very tough time.

                                                                                    By Jim Pawlicki