This week’s speaker is Kelly Mueller, Director of Programs and Mission Delivery – Upstate New York / American Diabetes Assoc.  Kelly will give a presentation on the prevention and management of diabetes, how the ADA has partnered on fund raising with Rotary in Rochester, and the potential for a partnership with our Club’s 2014 Golfing event.   She will meet with members of the Golf Committee before the Club meeting.


Highlights of Ms. Mueller’s presentation included:

·         If the body does not produce sufficient insulin, the body tries to rid itself of excess glucose in ways that are harmful.

·         Excessive glucose can cause lacerations in small blood vessels. This is why the eyes and small capillaries are often seriously affected.

·         Diabetes costs the US economy $245 billion each year.

·         Latin Americans and Hispanics have a higher risk of contracting diabetes.

·         The American Diabetes Association was started in 1921 and is working on achieving its 2012-1015 strategic plan.