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50/50 Ticket Sales  
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Peter and Teresa (RYLA participants)  
50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $1733.00 Today's Collection: $101.00 Ending Balance: $ 1834.00. Mike Burns pulled the 3 of clubs and donated it back to the club.
Lynn Tranchell, Life Mastery Consultant,  was the speaker for this evening . She has been a member of Unity of Buffalo for more than 15 years. She is a former Board president, has served on the Board for eight years, and been an important steadying influence for Unity of Buffalo during times of transition. Lynn talk focused on techniques and strategies for taking action in the pursuit of ones dreams.
Peter and Teresa spoke of their experiences in the RYLA program and how it has impacted them going forward.
  • Ron Axelrod spoke about how the Rochester Rotary Club sponsors visits to the Sunshine Camp for kids and recommended that the Williamsville club look at similar opportunities and also visit the camp to see its merits.
  • Marlene asked if club members could connect her up with other club members. She is looking for increasing the donation for her grant from $3000 to $10000. This will allow the grant to have the potential of getting $30000 for the school project that she is championing.
  • Kevin O'Donnell has accepted the treasurer position on the board.
  • All club members are encouraged to participate in Every Rotarian Every Year.
  • Richard gave an update on the car show preparation
  • Doug mentioned that we are short on speakers and all members are encouraged to participate. Schedule is empty September onwards.
  • District Governor's visit is on August 3rd. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting that day.
The meeting concluded at 7:40 p.m.
We Missed You: Paul Banas, Greg Berwick, Mary Biddle-Wildman, Tony Cangialosi, John Crawford, Stehen Dyson, Tim Henderson, Bob Klien, Carrie Leed, Ron Prazmark, Ed Rath, Jim Rumsey.