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50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $1918.00 Today's Collection: $114.00 Ending Balance: $ 2032.00. Roger Gross pulled the 8 of diamonds and donated it back to the club.
Greg Berwick of Beach Tuyn Funeral Home gave his classification talk today. He shared with the club his experiences in this profession, how he got involved and what life in this business is all about. While our view of a family in this business may somewhat be tainted by HBO's six feet under series, Greg's talk focused on what truly is the essence of being part of such a service oriented industry and its impact on the individuals and families that at some point in their life interact with Greg and his team.
Announcements and other Business:
  • Speaker schedule is filling up and we have some spots in September still so please keep the speakers coming.
  • Wings Flight of Hope is doing their annual fund raiser on August 1. Please attend if you can. Gary has two tickets available if anybody would like use them.
  • Ed's team has done a great job on Glen Park clean up. We need to find some donations (either through the town or others) for some materials for filling parts of areas where the gravel has deteriorated. There is also the issue of getting some color into rotary park as it more green now then colorful. Vicky provided some thoughts on that.
  • Golf tournament committee is still looking for golfers. Please contact Joe Fiorella for this. If you cannot golf and just want to join for the dinner, then please do so. Please provide some baskets for the raffle and give aways.
  • Richard gave an update on the car show preparations. A roster of duty will be coming out shortly. Several hundreds of flyers have been distributed by Ron and his team of volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo.
  • Richard will need help with transporting the food. Tony volunteered with his truck and time to help out with the transportation needs.
  • Next week the District Governor is coming. Please try to attend.
The meeting concluded at 7:30 p.m.
Next Week's Speaker: Kevin Crosby. District Governor's Visit.
We Missed You: Ronald Axelrod,  Mary Biddle-Wildman, Mike Burns, Bob Chur, John Crawford, Tim Henderson, Doug Littlewood, Bruce Lucsok, Jim Rumsey, Michael Sirianno.