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50/50 Ticket Sales  
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50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $2,101.00 Today's Collection: $99.00 Ending Balance: $ 2,200.00. Bill Thuman pulled the 7 of diamonds and donated it back to the club.
Program: Today's speaker were Ms. Carolyne DeFranco and Ms. Andrea Moran of Gateway Longview. Carolyne and Andrea provided an update on the foster care programs and other services provided by Gateway Longview. The organization has a very rich history of over 125 years of helping children and entire families in need of care. It is largely funded through grants and state funding which are not sufficient to meet the level of excellence in service delivery that Gateway strives for. As such they do a few events through the year to raise funds to meet the annual deficit they have for running their programs. They welcome gifts of all kinds including your time if possible.  For more information please see
Announcements and other Business:
  • Roger has requested that we bring in Calendars to present to our Peaceprints speaker next week. Peaceprints is an organization that helps individuals returning to the community with reentry services.  goes Mix and Mingle at Templeton Landing at 6:00 p.m on Thursday. Gar
  • Speaker schedule call to action. We need to fill the schedule from 10/19/15 all the way through November / December time. Please help with getting the schedule populated.
  • Gary encourages all club member to attend the Rotary Foundation Meeting. Those are usually held  at 7:45 a.m.  at Victoria D' Angelo's office. Gary attended one last week and found it to be an interesting affair.
  • Gary attended the Roundabout Rotary's Mix n Mingle. The event was also induction of the Board of this club. This club meets once a month and all their members are willing to volunteer for other clubs events. They are also interested in collaborating with other clubs initiatives.  Katie Biggie is their president and will be speaking at one of our upcoming meetings.
  • We need gift baskets and gift certificates for the golf outing. Please get those to the Golf Event Committee.
  • Various fines for job changes, promotions, vacations, kids going off to school and missing pins were done.
The meeting concluded at 7:31 p.m.
Next Week's Speaker: Cindi McEachon, Director PeacePrints.
We Missed You: Ronald Axelrod, Mary Biddle-Wildman, Greg Berwick, Tony Cangialosi, Joseph Catherine, Bob Chur, Kevin Flint, Tim Henderson, Marlene Killian, Bruce Lucsok, Mike Prinzbach, Ed Rath, Jim Rumsey, Edward Stachura, Thomas Vacanti.