John Huber from Lancaster-Depew Rotary Club and PDG Pravin Suchak from Amherst North Rotary Club spoke about the Rotary Foundation.

The foundation is the funding arm of Rotary International and is responsible for humanitarian grants, matching district grants, matching simplified grants, health, hunger and humanitarian grants, and volunteer service grants.


The foundation funds educational programs such as the Ambassadorial Scholarship, Group Study Exchange, and Rotary Peace Centers (peace and conflict resolution).  It also sponsors Polio Plus which is extremely close to totally eradicating polio from the world.  As an example, last year there were 366 cases of polio in Nigeria.  As of July there were six!  There are no reported cases in India! The foundation has 2 ways of raisinfg funds:  the annual program fund, and every Rotarian every year.  It is suggested that each member of each club donate a minimum of $100 per year.The foundation also suggests and welcomes bequests and endowments from membersThe Rotary Club of Williamsville has donated a total of $70,000, with $35,000 coming from 35 Paul Harris Fellow awards.

The theme for the foundation is "Our world, not as it is, but as it could be."

John Huber would like to hear from you.  Please contact him with questions and comments 680-2237.