Pledge:                        Vern Anderson

4- Way Test:                Mike Burns

Invocation:                  Joe Fiorella   

Fine Master:                Joseph Catherine

50/50 Tickets Sales:    Frank Ralabate            


Visiting Rotarians:      None

Guests:                        None


50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance:  Starting Balance: $174.00 Ending Balance $259.00. Saira Hasnain drew the 2 of Diamond and donated it back.


This week’s speaker was Ms. Sandy Starks from the Forest Lawn Cemetery. Her presentation titled “Symbols in the Forest Lawn Cemetery” was an interesting depiction of the history of the cemetery along with the stories of various prominent personalities that Buffalo has the privilege of having as tenants in this cemetery. For a summary of the history please review Ms. Stark’s talk covered the contributions of Erastus Granger and Charles Clark in the development of the cemetery. Historically significant monuments include Red Jacket, the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic), Millard Fillmore (President), Louis Blanchard Bethune (first woman architect), Sarah Hinson (started flag day exercises) and Darwin Martin. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Blue Sky Mausoleum ( is a huge attraction at the cemetery. Interesting trivia about the mausoleum is that there are 24 spots available and 6 of them were pre-sold before the mausoleum was fully functional. Ms. Stark’s talk ended with the profound message that each tenant in the cemetery has a story and some of the stories are depicted through the displays on their final resting spots. Some are poignant and others funny. “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”. Let us each write our own story.


Our colleague Richard Wojtowicz continues to remain in serious health condition. Please keep him in your prayers.

If you forgot to bring your angel gift please get it ASAP to Bill Thuman’s office. RBC Wealth Management 6225 Sheridan Drive.

Mrs. Littlewood has volunteered to co-chair the Holiday Party with President Kathy Behan and a local artist has been arranged for musical entertainment.

Wine celebration is on schedule for March 7th, 2015 at Park Club.

President Behan requested John Crawford to invite the Interact Club to come and provide an update to our club.

Next week’s speaker will be President Kathy Behan.  She will provide an update on the state of the club as part of the club assembly session.

There were several late and missing pin fines.  Happy fines included success at the races and great trips by various colleagues in the past couple of weeks.

The meeting concluded at 7:25 pm.

We missed you: Ronald Axelrod, Mathew Balling, Lee Broad, Tony Cangialosi, Victoria D’Angelo, Catherine Dulmus, Kevin Flint, Ron Prazmark, Mike Prinzbach, Ed Rath, Larry Read, Jim Rumsey, Bill Thuman, and Richard Wojtowicz.