Judge Hudson started his career with the late Bud Millane and also worked with the late Judge Ed Rath for eighteen years. Both were members of the Williamsville Rotary Club. He was appointed by Governor Patacki in 2003 for a nine year term. He hears lawsuits against New York State for money damages only. His court is a court of general jurisdiction and we have other specialized courts such as Family Court and Surrogate’s Court. Sovereign immunity was the basis for the Court of Claims until the Seventeen Hundreds. The canal Act of 1825 provided the funding for taking land and building the canal and to pay workers. The value of land seized was fixed. In 1870, negligence claims were added to the court’s jurisdiction. The court also hears breach of contract and other claims. But there is a strict statute as to time to bring these actions. Wrongful conviction was enacted and need to show actual innocence and that you did not contribute to it. All trials are non-jury and the judges make all decisions. Inmates file a lot of suits in the Court of Claims against New York State for a variety of reasons. Judge Hudson covers 5 counties himself.