This week’s speakers from the new Independent Health Association (IHA) Family Branch YMCA location (Tech Drive adjacent to Erie Community College were introduced by John Crawford.  Will Gallagher, V.P. Operations further introduced Steve MacAller, Executive Director.

Synopsis highlights of MacAller’s presentation (which was supported by PowerPoint slides):

  • YMCA founded in London, England in 1844 by George Williams
  • Boston 1851;  Buffalo 1852
  • Summer Camp 1886 (Camp Dudley) at Lake Champlain
  • YMCA has 21-million (+/-) members (men, women, children)
  • Largest provider of child day care
  • MacAller  is originally from California, moved to Rochester, NY before coming to Buffalo
  • Former positions with YMCA: Counselor, Life Guard, Director

Facts about the IHA-YMCA location:

  • Opened January 14, 2013
  • 8,000 member units (this equates to about 17,000 +/- individuals
  • 19 full-time staff, 200 part-time
  • Board management of 20 individuals
  • 92,000 square feet of building complex, which also includes 9,000 SF used by Buffalo Rehabilitation for physical therapy treatment
  • 2 swimming pools – zero depth entry to allow for ease of access by mobility constricted individuals;  and a 25-yard, 6-lane pool
  • 5 locker rooms (includes one assigned for families
  • 2 aerobic studios
  • Wellness Center, which includes a free health and wellness consultation
  • Participating with health insurance companies for membership discounts, incentives ( Independent Health, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Univera Health
  • Buffalo YMCA conducts an annual campaign to assist in its mission to provide YMCA benefits to those who may not have the full financial resources to pay the YMCA member fee
  • About 1 in 4 need assistance in the Y’s summer program:  1 in 3 for other programs

MacAller provided his business card to the Club, which also has an invitation to a tour of the YMCA  facilities.