This week’s speaker was Philip Wiggle, CSE, CME, CPA / Business Professor at Medaille College. He teaches Strategic Management at Medaille, is a Business Coach to local businesses, and is a Professional Speaker.   A 1959 UB graduate, he worked for an international CPA firm for several years, then joined a Fortune 500 client of that firm in New York City.  Phil then founded a CPA firm in Amherst.  His 1st client?   The Little White House restaurant, which was located for many years in this very building.  Concurrently, Phil has written newspaper columns for over 25 years and has been a Professional Speaker throughout the United States and Canada since 1985.


Highlights of Mr. Wiggle’s presentation included:

·         The need to choose a strategy that is relevant to your business and strengths.

·         Understanding key costs—those costs that drive/ determine profitability.

·         Several illustrative client stories