Kean Stimm is the inventor of a new type of wind powered electrical generating process which uses Newtonian wind turbines instead of the traditional windmills that you can see on the waterfront. A windmill is far less efficient than a turbine because it turns one revolution every 5 seconds and only captures 3-5% of the available energy from the wind. Turbines use the science of Newton's 1st law of linear motion, and captures 50% of the available energy from the wind. This more efficient process converts over 40% of the wind energy to usable useful energy.


Because a turbine is designed to use laminar wind flow, there is no turbulence or drag. Also, a turbine is useful over a greater range of wind speeds than a windmill. That means it will be more efficient at slower speeds, and can operate above wind speeds of 50MPH, which a wins=dmill cannot do. An example of the better design of a wind turbine over a windmill is that a 12-1/2 ft diameter turbine will replace a 100 ft diamber windmill. Three 8 meter turbines costing approximately $300,000 will replace a $5 million windmill.If you think that there is not enough wind to adequately power a wind turbine, there is enough kinetic energy in a 100 ft diameter section of sky to power 24 homes for one year!!