Rotary Club of Williamsville Weekly Meeting – January 5, 2015 / Start 6:15 pm

Pledge:                        Michael Sirianno

4- Way Test:                Frank Ralabate

Invocation:                  Mike Burns

Fine Master:                Mike Prinzbach

50/50 Tickets Sales:    Deferred to Next week           


Visiting Rotarians:      Paul, Dianne and Cindy from the Buffalo Club

Guests:                        None


50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance:  Starting Balance: $315.00 Ending Balance. $315.00. Ticket sale deferred to following week.


This week’s speaker was Saira Hasnain from University at Buffalo. The focus of her presentation was Information Technology Infrastructure specifically as it pertains to higher education. The presentation included some facts and figures about UB’s computing infrastructure and services supported by the infrastructure team of the Computing and Information Technology division at UB. As an introduction Saira summarized her education and career journey both prior to and since migrating to USA. Informational video clips about the role of technology in our life and the challenges facing IT leaders in higher education included the following:

Did you know?

Did you know with a higher education slant:

Educause Top 10 IT issues 2014:


Our colleague Richard Wojtowicz is recovering slowly and steadily. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please get your dues in if you have not already done so. The club relies heavily on the timely payment for the continuation of its activities.

Next week’s speaker will be Marlene Killian. She will be giving her classification talk

There were several late and happy fines and general round of Happy New Year fines.

The meeting concluded at 7:25 pm.

We missed you: Vern Anderson, Ronald Axelrod, Mathew Balling, Kathy Behan, Mary Biddle-Widman, Joe Catherin, Robert Chur, Lee Broad, Tony Cangialosi, Victoria D’Angelo, Catherine Dulmus, Marlene Killian, Norman Mattar, Ed Rath, Larry Read, Jim Rumsey, Mark Storch, and Richard Wojtowicz.