Door: Diane Wojtowicz

Pledge: Richard Wojtowicz

 Anthem: None

Four Way Test: Taylor and Bennett Cavaretta

Grace: Sylvia Stachura               

50/50 Ticket Sales:  Not drawn.

Visiting Rotarians: None


  • Ed Stachura’s Family:
    • Sylvia (wife)
    • Joelle Cavaretta (Daughter)
    • Charlie Cavaretta (Son-in-Law)
    • Taylor Cavaretta (Granddaughter)
    • Bennet Cavaretta (Grandson)
    • Jeffrey Stachura (Son)
  • Cecilie Kragelund (our Inbound Rotary YE Student for this past year)
  • Tom Behan (Kathy’s husband and Rotary Park Clean up Volunteer)
  • Michelle Skalyo (Gary’s wife)
  • Sarah Anderson (Vern’s wife)
  • Diane Wojtowicz (Ricky Lincoln’s wife and Club Volunteer Extraordinaire)
  • Sandy Fink (guest of Lee Broad)


This week’s meeting was the final meeting of Ed Stachura as Club President.  A special menu for this event was coordinated by Richard Wojtowicz.

Ed awarded his officers and directors with mementos of his appreciation for their great service to him during his administration.

There were award presentations for:

  • 2014 Rotarian of the Year: Lee Broad
  • Special Achievement Award: Larry Read
  • Paul Harris Fellow Award: Kevin Flint

Ed concluded his term with remarks that touched on why Rotary is important to him, what Rotary has accomplished and how he has enjoyed the honor and privilege of being the president of the Club for the past year. He also thanked several non-Rotarian volunteers: Diane Wojtowicz, Sarah Anderson, Connie Littlewood and daughters, and Tom Behan along with others who have jumped in to help this Club. He cited his wife Sylvia for acting as his sounding board, asking hard questions, providing thoughtful and relevant insight, and, most of all, lending her understanding, tolerance, and encouragement. In his final comment, he thanked Diane and Richard Wojtowicz for making the evening a great success.

Assistant District Governor Vern Anderson conducted the Induction ceremony for: New President Kathy Behan, 2014-2015 Club Officers, and 2014-2015 Club Board of Directors.

Cecilie Kraglund thanked the Club for sponsoring her and said farewell.


Local Parades: We didn’t have time to organize and seek volunteers for this year’s Memorial Day Parade (5/25/14), but there is time for the next parade – Old Home Days Parade, July 8th at 6:00 PM.   We have the horizontal Rotary banner (9-foot x 3-foot) to carry and show off our Club.  The parade route is just under 1-mile in length from Williamsville South High School to Los Robles. Your thoughts ???  We need volunteers to sign up now if we are to do this!

Club Dues You should have received your invoice for the Club’s Semi-Annual dues of $100.   If not, see the Club’s Treasurer.  Please note that from this amount the Club has to pay RI and District for your membership in RI.  Please pay your dues as soon as possible.  In addition to the standard forms of payment (cash or check) credit/debit cards are also taken for payment.

Club’s Facebook Page Take a look at the Club’s Facebook page developed by Gary Skaylo and “Like” our page.  (

Pass this on to your family and friends and request a “Like.”



Rotary Park & Circle Clean Up: On Saturday June 28th only 2 Club members (Vern Anderson and Kathy Behan) showed up to do the monthly cleaning and weeding up of Rotary Park & Circle.  Kathy’s husband (Tom) joined them to give a fresh look to the Club’s portion of Glen Park that is the Club’s responsibility.  Thank You!!!!  Also, Thank you to those who advised of their conflict for not attending.

Club Web Site Advertising: Did you know that advertising on the Club’s web site is $100/year, July 1 to June 30?   That’s approximately $0.27 per day, and is seen by everyone visiting the Club’s web page.  Pro-rata is also available.  Interested?  Ask Vern Anderson for the details and join other Club members who are already using this form of advertising ….helping their business and their Club.

Every Rotarian – Every Year (EREY)Wow!!!!   Did you know that for $0.27 per day, less than $2.00 per week, and $8.33 per month you can be an active participant and be recognized in Rotary International’s (RI) EREY Program?  And you can do this with a simple authorization to RI to charge a credit card account for the recurring period (month / quarter / annual) amount you designate.  This is simple and straightforward.

Your commitment provides grant funds for RI and our District 7090 for projects that are used to fund local and international service projects, scholarships, and vocational training teams.

Please see Ed or Vern Anderson for an EREY form whereby you can make this commitment for a tax deductible contribution (this is a 501.c.3 charity) as a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donation using a credit card (  You know the good that Rotary and its members accomplish; please seriously consider your participation in EREY. Our Club number is 4756, District #7090, and your individual member number can be found on the mailing label of the Rotarian magazine, an 8-digit number preceded by “#” just above your name.  I will have each member’s membership number at the Club meetings for your information and ease of reference. Thank You!

Program Schedule: The June 10th issue of the 2014-2015 Schedule were distributed by email to all members.  We have openings for speakers for the 2014-2015 Club year. Doug Littlewood can provide you with the current schedule and available openings.  If you have a potential speaker, it is suggested that two (2) open dates, in order of speaker preferred priority, be confirmed with Doug Littlewood or Vern Anderson, who will confirm the specific date, and “lock” that date for your speaker.  Please keep Doug and Vern updated if changes need to be made.  In our social and business lives we may know of individuals who have an interesting background, career, or story.  Ask them: “Would you share this with my Rotary Club?

Future speakers: Discussions are taking place for speaking engagements with the following: Mark Thomas (Western Regional Director – NYS Parks); and Maria Lehman (Peace Bridge).

Meeting Attendance:  In an email to all club members, Ed S. reminded us that the Club’s and RI’s requirements are attendance at a minimum level of 50% of the scheduled meetings, which can also be met by make-ups at any of the District’s 69 clubs throughout the southern Ontario-western New York area. Attendance at Club and/or event committee meetings, Board meetings, and Foundation meetings also count to your attendance requirement.  If you do this, ensure that you receive a Make-Up post card from the Club that you visited which you will turn in to either Matt Balling or Vern Anderson.  Missing four (4) unexcused meetings in a row are the basis for RI membership termination.  If you have a Smartphone, there is a Rotary app that provides detailed information on each of the worldwide Rotary clubs, contacts, meeting location data, etc.

Ed noted that for the period July 2013 through April 2014 the attendance percentage is 54.5%.   Our 2 highest months were January and March, at 57.61% and 73.50%, respectively.  The lowest attendance percentage was during February 2014 at 45.3%.

Ed S. also noted that members can make-up a meeting anywhere in the world and via the District’s new eClub (, Rotary E-Club of SOWNY. Be sure to let Vern Anderson know of your “attendance.”

2014 Calendar Marks:

Club: August 10th – Classic Car Show; September 22nd– the Club’s 3rdAnnual Golf Outing.

Other Rotary Club Events: Rotary Club of Lancaster-Depew / August 11, 2014 – Jack Newhouse Memorial Golf Classic. Materials and flyers for these events were distributed previously by email to all members. (Also see Club websites for information for each event.)

District: October 25-26 – The Buffalo Bash Event –District Conference– District Conference being held at Buffalo’s Convention Center /// (See District 7090 web page-- details on all District events.)

Fines and Happy Dollars were suspended for the evening.

We missed you this evening: 

Matt Balling,  Bob Chur, John Crawford, Vicki D’Angelo, Catherine Dulmus, Steve Dyson, Joe Fiorella, Carrie Leed, Doug Littlewood, Bruce Luksoc, Norm Mattar, Ron Prazmark, Frank Ralabate, Ed Rath, Jim Rumsey, Mark Storch

(I might not have seen you if you arrived late.)

Submitted by:

Lee Broad, Club Secretary