• Pledge of Allegiance by:                        Thomas Vacanti
  • Rotary  4-Way Test by:                           Mike Prinzbach
  • Invocation by:                                           Joe Fiorella
  • Fine Master:                                              Paul Banas
  • 50/50 (Ace of Heart) Ticket Sales:     Edward Rath

Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

  • Martin Kelly
  • Bob Klien(will be inducted next week)

Minor announcements; introduction of Guest Speaker:                Roger Gross

Guest Speaker; then closing remarks and token gift presentation; photograph:

  • The title of Roger Gross’s presentation “A Glimpse of World War II Activity” was a trip down memory lane to honor our veterans. Roger used a power point presentation  of images around historical sites representing significant events of World War II that he and his son had visited some years ago. Of specific mention were events around Omaha Beach and Pegasus Bridge

Club Business:

  • Ron spoke about the mentoring program with the Windermere School. There were several challenges with the past program although it was a very rewarding effort. It was recommended that we get involved with the Buffalo boys and girls club which is at Bailey and Oxford.  Last Wednesday Vern, Kathy and Ron met with the Buffalo boys and girls club and they approved to partner with our Rotary club for the upcoming school year for us to mentoring 7 – 10 kids. This will need 7 - 10 member of our club during the hours of 4-5. It is a very gratifying program. Children are from broken homes and single parents. Training will be provided. Clarence and Buffalo Rotary club have been involved in mentoring and a member of the Buffalo Rotary club has agreed to provide training. Ron has sign up forms. Please contact Ron if you are interested. There were 8 hands that went up on a call for it. Protocols have changed in the past 20 years and finger printing may be required.
  • Richard has moved from suburban to Oakwood rehab center
  • Angels for gateway Longview only 3 left and we need to drop of the gifts at 6625 Sheridan drive if we don’t bring them to the meeting.
  • Holiday party is scheduled for December 15th. Richard is working on some entertainment via phone.
  • 7090 district newsletter. November 21st is the dinner. Williamsville Rotary will have honorable mention.
  • Ask David Colligan back
  • We are going to get the presidents citation. We did qualify and the President and the Board thanks the club for its contribution


  • Several Happy fines for Rogers presentation
  • Happy fines for Bobs award.
  • Happy fine for Upcoming Europe trip
  • No pin Fines
  • Several happy fines honoring our veterans
  • Showing up fine
  • Celebrating life fine
  • For good campaigns run
  • Several happy happy fines
  • Happy Trip to DC fine
  • A good wedding fine.

Ace of Hearts (50/50) Raffle

  • Starting 50/50 Amount:                $  77.00
  • Today’s 50/50 Collection:              $  65.00
  • Total in 50/50 Pot:                            $142.00
  • Larry Reed pulled the three of hearts and donated it back. He got a consolation prize a gift card from Napolis which was a leftover from the Golf event.

Next Week’s speaker is:                               Lee Broad, Author of “The Masada Protocal”

We Missed You:  Ron Axelrod,Matt Balling, Mike Burns, Tony Cangialosi, John Crawford, Catherine Dulmus, Kevin Flint, Tim Henderson, Marlene Killian, Bruce Lucsok, Frank Ralabate, Jim Romsey, Mike Sirianno, Gary Skalyo , Richard Wojtowicz.