Pledge:                        Bob Chur

4- Way Test:                Marlene Killian

Invocation:                  Lee Broad    

Fine Master:                No fines this week.

50/50 Tickets Sales:    Deferred.        

Guests: Ed Maliknowski

50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance:  $174.00(No sales or drawing this week)


This week’s speakers were Charles Kopp, President and Dal Giuliani, Executive Director of the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation. (ASCF). The main goal of the ASCF is to do development efforts / fund raising in support of activities that support and supplement the Amherst Senior Center. They do not duplicate any services that are already provided. Totally run by volunteers except the Executive Director position they generated $50 k last year. The money was used for augmenting the senior center transportation to allow for shopping trips for home bound seniors Moneys were also provided to meals on wheels. Charles and Dal are raising awareness for ASCF through speaking engagements and also working on getting a NY State grant that will improve Axelrod,Bthe exercise facilities within the Amherst Senior Center. Charles shared some interesting stats and facts about the percent of aging population in Amherst and life expectancy through the 20th and 21st century.


Our colleague Richard Wojtowicz is back in the hospital (Room 234A). Please visit or send him a card and keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Angel Wings gifts are due by December 1, 2014 meeting. Please either drop them off at Bill Thuman’s office or bring them to the December 1, 2014 meeting.

We have an opening in the speaker schedule for February 9th and then we need speakers beyond March 30th 2015

Boy’s and Girl’s club mentor volunteer forms are due. Please get those in if you are interested.

Need volunteers to help with the Holiday party. It will be at Milos on December 15th.

Wine celebration is on schedule for March 7th, 2015 at Park Club.

Next week’s speaker will be Sandy Starks. Topic will be the “Symbols in the Forest Lawn Cemetery”

WE missed you: Axelrod, Balling, Widman, Cangialosi, Catherine, Crawford, Dulmas, Dyson. Flint, Henderson, Lucsok, Mattar, Prinzbach, Ralabate, Rath, Read, Rumsey, Sirianno,Thuman, Wojtowicz.