Meeting of 10/20/14, 2014-2015

6:15PM  Meeting Call to Order / RING BELL

  • Pledge of Allegiance by __Tim  Henderson____________________________________________
  • Rotary  4-Way Test by ___Mike Burns _______________________________________________
  • Invocation by _______Joe Fiorella                                                ____________________________
  • Fine Master ­­__Paul Banas__________________________________________________________
  • 50/50 (Ace of Heart) Ticket Sales  ____Adam Guglielmi__________________________________

6:20 PM – Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests ____Ed Maliknowski (Guest)_______________

6:25  PM - Minor announcements;  introduction of Guest Speaker Joe Demarco (Wings)  by sponsor.

6:30  PM > 6:50pm - Guest Speaker ; then closing remarks and token gift presentation;  photograph

  • Joe Demarco Founder & Pilot – Website for more details
  • Joe was a co-pilot with Dr. D’Angelo and mason contractor by profession. Once he saw the impact of these flights it was a turnaround moment for him and he gave up his contracting business to focus on wings.
  • Wings is run by donations and volunteer pilots.
  • Wings has two planes (one courtesy of Ingram Micro) and some of the pilots have their own planes.
  • They fly patients as well as families up to a 2 hour flying radius. Beyond the 2 hour radius they work out a link service and work with other pilots to get the patients closer to their destination.
  • Mostly handle cancer and transplant patients who cannot user commercial airline services either due to immune deficiency, financial constraints or in the case of transplant patients time sensitivity to organ availability.
  • All they require is proof of a valid appointment and a doctor’s release  that it is ok for the patient to fly.
  • For legal and liability reasons they ask the patient and family to sign a liability waiver.
  • They do not charge as compared to mercy flights which does have a per trip charge. Wings is a free service and solely dependent upon their fund raising and donations.
  • There is a fund raiser for wings on November 7th. Information can be found on the wings website.

6:50 PM -  Dinner

7:10  Club Business

  • Upcoming Events (as needed)
    • Buffalo bash is next week. Only thing Rotarians have to pay for is the meals. Please register as the organizers are looking for a head count for the meals. Let President Kathy Behan know if you are planning to attend. A reminder was sent, please check on the web for more details
    • The Rotary Leadership Institute sessions are coming up. Details about these are present on each of the tables.
    • There is a Holiday open house tour by the Niagara on the Lake rotary. Details present on the tables.
    • There is a Dinner in Rochester on October 27, 2014. We did not get the notice till Friday. Ron Axelrod encourages us to participate. If intending to participate please mail Kathy
    • Wine tasting event/fund raiser is scheduled for March 7 at Park Club.
    • Please say a prayer for our colleague and friend Richard Wojtowicz who is currently under treatment at Millard Suburban.
    • We will be getting 30 angels for the holiday gifts for the children of gateway.
    • We have 50 of the 100 points required to get a president citation. Reading to the children at bornhava is worth 10 points and highly fulfilling activity (as experienced by those that have participated in this activity)
    • Holiday dinner thoughts. Would like to do it at Milos. Get a committee to organize. Scheduled for 12/15. No meetings on 12/22 and 12/29
    • Marlene’s presentation to stay scheduled for 1/12
  • Committee Reports (as needed)
  • Fines
    • Many happy fines for Roger
    • Late fine (Norm)
    • No Pins (Mike)
    • Happy visits (Paul, Victoria, Doug)
    • Scholarship and awards for family member (Frank)
    • Happy to complete two moves (Adam)
    • Happy to be back (Lee)

7:20  PM - Ace of Hearts (50/50) Raffle

Starting 50/50 Amount:                $___564_____________

Today’s 50/50 Collection:              $____45_____________

Total in 50/50 Pot:                            $___609_____________

                                Paul Banas drew the ace of spades and donated the proceeds back to the pot.

Next Week’s speaker is __Frank Kowsky, Author, “The Best Planned City in the World - Buffalo