Our 8/30/2010 meeting  took place at the Lehigh Valley Railroad terminal on South Long Street in the village.  This terminal was built in 1896, and operated as late as 1984.  It was going to be torn down, but the owners of International Chimney, located across the street prevented it, and bought the terminal.  They later sold it to the Preservation Society, who have been volunteering time and effort to restore it to its original splendor.  They are doing a very accurate restoration, and are adding to the site.  They have moved a communication station which was about 1/8 mile down the track line to the site, and have recently purchased and moved a  1937 vintage caboose on site.  This station was a major stop on a daily train which ran from New York City to Toronto.  The site is open daily to visitors, and is free of charge.  They are looking for volunteers (and cash) to help with the restoration.  Great place to see, and we all truly enjoyed this meeting.

                                                                       Jim Pawlicki